Neil Milton Photography

A life in monochrome, mostly



Portugal, 2008

Much of my childhood was spent fearful of a neighbour’s furious German shepherd, having been chased and nipped at on several occasions. It took many years – into adulthood – of meeting dogs with names…

Crystal Castles, 2008

Singing is something I have always been envious of in others, particularly friends who were so charismatic on stage. Sure, I can sing, but I’ve never been able to sing, y’know? When a singer is lost …

Sam Porter Bridges: War Photographer

In the grand scheme of things, I came to video games late. Of course, as a child I played a lot. I grew up with a ZX Spectrum 48k, then 128k. We graduated on to the Commodore Amiga, and then came the …


I am a Scottish Varsovian, a musician, a teacher, and, a photographer.

With the exception of a brief couple of years flirtation with piano, since 15 years old, if I didn’t have a guitar in my hands, I had a camera.

In 2006, I left music behind for a 4 year stint as a part-time jobbing photographer, and aspiring photojournalist.

Music pulled me back in, eventually, but I never left photography behind and have been taking photos steadily since. In 2018, I began teaching photography at the Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące przy PJATK in Warsaw.

In the lockdown of 2020, I revisited my hard-drives and negatives to kick off this website with two portfolio collections, “People, mostly”, and “Places, mostly”.

Looking forward, I’ll post other, themed, collections of my photographs both old and new, and will – I imagine – occasionally write a bit about photography one the blog.

I shoot using Leica, Zenit, Lubitel, and Nikon cameras, and the occasional iPhone.

Get in touch

If you like what you see, or would like to say hi, drop me an email or a WhatsApp. I’m open to creative collaborations both audible, and visual. Prints will be available sometime in the future, though for now if you’d like to buy or use something, feel free to ask.


A life in monochrome, mostly